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Turn your rich experiences and creative works into a story – your personal story – that family members and friends will treasure for generations to come. [More]



Who We Are

Donna Benedetti, Ph.D. –Writer: My Italian family and philosophical background have given me a deep appreciation for the richness of our ideas and experiences. As a result, I love hearing the stories and collecting the life works of others, and turning them into permanent records of the past. I have written and edited memoirs, poetry collections, memorial booklets, military service histories, document archives and chronologies, and my first book, The Brooklyn Diet: Life’s Tough But You Eat Anyway, will be published in 2012.

Jeremy Thornton –Designer: As a seasoned graphic designer, I have helped numerous organizations and individuals bring their projects to life – from early conceptualization to final publication. In deciding how best to capture visually a personal story, I call on my professional skills and experience as an accomplished illustrator, photographer, web site designer and artist. One of my most rewarding experiences was to work with my father towards the end of his life on his World War II memoirs. I came to fully understand and respect my dad’s life and vice versa – a wonderful, healing conclusion to our relationship. That book is now part of the Imperial War Museum archives in London.

Please visit my portfolio web site.