Stories of Wonder for Wondering Minds,
by Donna Benedetti,

Designed & illustrated by Jeremy Thornton
2008, 18 pages, spiral bound, 6.25" x 7.5" Available from the author.

Stories of Wonder for Wondering Minds

In Stories of Wonder for Wondering Minds, children and animals embark on three adventures of the imagination, leaving young readers with playful, conceptual challenges. Each of the stories (Leopold and the Magical Mat; A Tale of Halloween Creatures; and Goodle Soup) is intended to bring out the natural philosophical wonder and curiosity that children have. With little encouragement, children can imagine, wonder, and stretch their brains to sort out the real from the fictitious, express their opinions about what’s happening, and explore their own worlds.

– Excerpt from the Preface

Leopold, the cat


It happened on a winter’s night
When the winds blew wild and cold.
There were no stars or moons in sight
Just a cat called Leopold.

Old Leopold sat upon his mat
When an odd sight could be seen . . .
The mat was suddenly on the cat!
(At least I think that’s what I mean.)

A magical mat now on his back,
Pudding and cream on top of that,
Old Leopold threw his things in a sack
And grabbed a glove, his cane and his hat.

He glanced left and right, and made not a sound,
Then opened the door and ran fast as could be,
Until he had lifted quite off the brown ground
And soared high above the inky blue sea.

– Excerpt from Leopold and the Magical Mat